Pre Wedding

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots I bet you’d agree that a good picture captures a memory that stays FOREVER… What would you like your special Wedding day to be like? Here’s an idea … we would like it to be one of your BEST moments in Life!!! Capture your happiest and candid moments of your Wedding Day, with Mani Sharma and his Crew, the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi.

How does a ‘Pre-Wedding Photoshoots’ capture differ from other wedding photographers and albums? You see… the focus is on your “real moments” of laughter, fun and loved filled moments.

Pre-Wedding photography is a beautiful blend of the old and the new, which is the true representation of what an Indian wedding is in our modern times. It’s an elegant capture of the traditional wedding, bringing out grace and beauty of the ceremony and yet keeping it REAL! It is your moment… YOU are the leading Lady and Man of your STORY! The Crew is delightfully skilled in Candid captures, as they move around to capture the precious moments while everyone goes about the wedding ritual. And here’s what makes Mani Sharma Photografy and his style so unique, Mani Sharma, was a successful IT professional, till he left his high salaried job for the love of the Lens. A proficient professional, who knows his craft and understands your sensibilities. He brings the innovative and new creative vision to your candid pictures…one of the best pre-wedding and wedding photographer in Delhi region. Check out the crew and their skills.