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best professional photographers in Delhi.

The Start Wedding is one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. The only art interests him is photography. He is known for his creativity in capturing the real essence and moments of the events like pre wedding photography and candid wedding photography. The Start Wedding and his professional team are cognitively skillful and express their trait in capturing and freezing your special moments as they deserve to be-- uniquely, honestly and exquisitely.

The Start Wedding lives and breathes photography. It is something that comes natural to him. His creative mind and expert hands behind the camera have created magic in freezing romantic and soulful moments that come once in lifetime of couples and families. Be it pre wedding, candid or wedding occasion, he brings a unique blend of creative thinking and thought process to deliver personalized and special craftsmanship in his photography.

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At first I was very excited about The Star Wedding , everything worked fine. I was very satisfied.
Neha Tiwari
I love candid photography and the star wedding is expert in candid photography. and personally i'm also satisfied with their work.
Reema Rai
The Star Wedding is really amazing in this field. i met him through instagram. but now he is like a family person.all team persons are so polite and kindful. his images have a way of capturing emotions and memories that last a life time.his photos are absolutely stunning. i love the way you capture light and colors.
It was indeed a pleasent for us this team painted our best memories beautifully for the rest of my life at a glance thank you so much the star weddong all team.
I just love their work and specially their team members they are very polite and supportive. they shoot in my friend's wedding and i must say that was my best decision to book them. the star wedding to make your day memorable and special.
hey the star wedding is a good platform i'm happy that, got a good photography for myself for instagram. welldone all the team shoot my dream wedding thank you very much.
Wonderful work done by the star wedding team, literally painted our moments in such a beautiful way. such a supportive and understanding team so happy with work.
We had shot my sister from star wedding, it was so good, the videos and photos weew very good, all the people said that the photoshoot was very good the whole team was very good, they were supportive, they were creative.i will definnately recommend Star Wedding to my relatives as i am very much satisfied with their work.
jasmine Suriyvanshi
the work of the whole team of star wedding from pre wedding to wedding teasor is commendable. their innovative thoughts, capturing the unbelievable candid shots are out of the box. i must recommend the star wedding team for any type of events for capturing your special moments of life and turning them in sweet and beautiful memory.
Welcome The Star Wedding

Special moments are timeless. And, they should always be captured with heart and soul

Wedding occasion is something that if you miss its fresh charm, then it cannot be created like the first time. You cannot treat these special moments like any other moments. The reason: these magical events never ever return back. These special moments are the treasure trove of a couple’s relationship. They symbolize their romantic memories. They make you remind of the freshness of your relationship so that you can smile and cherish remembering those sweet memories throughout your life.

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Photography is all about capturing the right moments that connect the emotions closely through the senses, and produce great pleasure.